Claim Your Joy

Did you know that there is no direct translation in Tibetan for the English word “guilt”? And, that when the Dalai Lama was writing books about happiness and love, he was completely unfamiliar with the concept of self-hatred?
Some tend to want to hold onto things that make them feel anxiety and guilt, because for whatever reason, something- sometimes, tells us that we need to feel them. That it is a part of it.
Tibetans believe that our only reason for being is to find happiness. That is WHY we are here. To be free from suffering. It’s no wonder the concept of self-hatred is completely baffling to them. They know present moment awareness and freedom that allows them to sit in a space of complete love.

My point is:
It’s okay to be where you’re at, but also, you don’t HAVE to sit in those negative emotions. You don’t need to.

Whatever it might be that you’re holding onto – anger, guilt, self-hatred (even if you aren’t quite sure what it is that sits in your chest that you can’t quite seem to get rid of) – let it go.

We are human. Even the most epic of souls, when in these bodies, struggle with the harshness of feeling. No one but ourselves expects us to do anything right the first time.
We are here to be clumsy and to feel and to be our own version of good. You are not called to be the best at work, the best daughter or sister, you aren’t looked toward to be the best at communicating, hearing, or even loving.

You are called to wake up and claim your joy.

It’s yours.

And… it’s perfectly okay to be happy.

So go breathe deep, little ones. You’re okay. You’re so much better than you think. Stop looking around at what everyone else has accomplished, and try not to focus too much on what you think you need to get done.

You’re you. You woke up, got dressed, and showed up.

It’s already enough.

You’re enough.


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