For Those Brave Enough to Love a Goddess

“The biggest coward is a man who awakens a woman’s love with no intention of loving her.”

– Bob Marley

I began writing this piece a while ago, when I was just learning what it meant to be humbled by love. I had watched so many strong and powerful women be neglected, taken for granted, left abandoned in a space they were made to believe was safe and understood, and, even some had been beaten down by insecure partners. Maybe these “companions” did the best they could, unable to handle what that meant, and maybe they hadn’t quite learned to love themselves, therefore unable to love another, but… it doesn’t matter. Regardless, I didn’t want to become one of those lax humans. I didn’t want to forget what truths I knew because I got too comfortable, or I couldn’t see past myself to the bigger picture – to what it meant when you were smiled upon enough to be given a present moment with one of these women.

There is no space here for ego – you’ll need to leave that at the door. Humility, unconditional love, and strength are what you’ll need to pack for this journey. Well, those, and maybe a few charged crystals for good measure. This will absolutely be an experience of supreme love, but one that will test you, push you, and ultimately, bring you into your own beautiful space of growth and healing.

This is for the courageous at heart, the warriors, the protectors of the divine feminine, for the beings that aren’t afraid to go out shameless. For the ones who cannot explain it, but are fully aware of it – the gentle bow their souls do at the sight of this woman that seems to effortlessly carry the world on her shoulders like maybe she’s done it before.

This is for those brave enough to love a Goddess.

Let’s just start from the beginning, from the first moment you catch a glimpse of that naked soul of a woman running barefoot at night with a grin on her face like she’s returning home.

As intimidating as it can get, never be afraid of her freedom – or yours, for that matter. This will be crucial, celebrating her wild. There will be days where she will need to run barefoot, alone, into whatever unknown territory that calls to her. You are going to have to be strong enough and wise enough to love her where she’s at. She will go between flying solo, to wanting her love there with her, to elevating into spiritual spaces that most of us only dream of – and in coming back down, she’ll need to rest in the arms of a safe space. That’s where you come in. Try to understand that you are there to not only love and build with this woman, but to quickly and calmly protect her heart in whatever ways are needed. Stepping out of your comfort zone may become the norm. You’ll be okay.

There’s an entire shift in the Universe happening. People are waking up for the first time, or again, some are coming into their light and truths, and some are still lost. She will be stepping out to help. To commune with the women who are breathing life back into this world. You are important to this movement, even if you are unclear what that is. She’s not. Trust her. She knows what she’s doing. 

This is a gift. You do not possess this, or her. She isn’t up for grabs like that. You have been given permission to have access to this woman – not to control or change her, nor to stake claim in entitlement, but to take her as she is – ever changing, and unconditionally love her. This is where you can get side swiped by insecurities. But fear is a liar, and you’ll learn to look it square in the eyes, and without hesitation, back it down.

Learn to dance lightly with one another in the hard times and dramas. There’s not one thing you can’t learn to laugh off together. Take whatever it is at face value – without adding confusion from interpretation and miscommunication. This, unfortunately, might prove to be a task. It comes with the territory of loving someone who sometimes can’t understand themselves what they are needing or feeling until they have sat with it. Pin patience, tolerance, and love to your chest, and your heart to your sleeve.

You might not understand this in its entirety, and that’s alright, but this celestial being is held in high regard – this woman holds magic in the palm of her hand, and the things we cannot see, yet believe in, dance with her when the sun goes down. She breathes life into the dark spaces. Whispers hope into the abandoned. And because of this, you are going to have to earn your space in her heart, but it’ll be worth every. damn. second.

If you don’t have or hold faith, don’t bother even entering into this sacred space. It isn’t a judgement, it’s just a necessity to love a woman of this nature.

When this creator of the divine feminine recoils to do some inner work, or healing, wait her out. It’s not about you. Allow her room for the kind of healing and peace that can only come from solitude. This doesn’t mean disappear… it means, with all loving kindness, shut the hell up and focus on yourself. It will be just fine.

As serious as she is about the things she knows, the work she is doing, she is just as quick to run playfully next to the Universe. In fact, she’s one of the most playful and fun beings that you’ll ever meet. She lightheartedly dances with life. Go play with her. Take her into spaces that will allow her to let go and be goofy. To be free. And for fuck’s sake, dance with her. Dance structured, dance goofy as hell, dance slowly. Watch her as she unbuckles the weight of the world from her back, temporarily sets it to the side, and allows herself to be free, to laugh uncontrollably, to make stupid faces that will, inevitably, make her laugh more than anyone else. Weightlessness gets her drunk. Watch her open herself up completely. I guarantee that you will never be the same. You’ll be better for having loved her, in every way.

Finally, I read something similar to this once, and it perfectly sums it up:

“This love isn’t about looks, nor is it about being a good match. It comes down to you being the human who stares down all the reasons why you shouldn’t be with her, and instead, focuses on the only reason why you should… because once in a while, we meet someone who makes us throw out the rule book for love.”

I know this all seems like a lot, but if it’s really love, it will feel effortless. Trust me.

Step confidently into the divinity. You are braver than you think.

Safe travels, my loves.


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